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Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

Products that are available in the Microscope-online webshop.
Person that visit the Microscope-online webshop and buy one or more products. This person must be at least 18 years old or must have the consent of a parent or guardian.

2. General

2.1. The Term and Conditions are applicable for all orders placed through the Microscope-online webshop. Unless otherwise specified, only these Term and Conditions are applicable. All other Terms and Conditions are excluded.

2.2. Microscope-online webshop reserves the right to modify the content of his internet site at any time and to modify the Terms and Conditions

3. Prices

3.1. All prices on the Microscope-online webshop are in euro, inclusive and exclusive 21% VAT and exclusive transport costs. The transport costs are clearly mentioned before order confirmation by Customer. There is minimum order amount of 85,00 euro.

3.2. Microscope-online webshop reserves the right to modify prices on the Microscope-online webshop at any time and cannot be held responsible for any possible errors

4. Payment

Microscope-online webshop offers to Customer several payments methods :

Electronically, by:

- Mister Cash/Bancontact
- iDeal
- Credit card Visa or MasterCard


- by wire transfer of the total amount of the purchase price on bank account IBAN BE94 0017 0780 2814 BIC GEBABABB.  The goods purchased will only be reserved from reception of the payment. We recommend to execute as soon as possible the wire transfer.

5. Delivery

5.1. Microscope-online will ship the order with the best suitable shipping agent of his choice
to by the customer specified delivery address. The transport costs that are mentioned before the order confirmation, depends on the delivery address.

5.2. After acceptance of the order, Microscope-online will ship the purchased goods as quick as possible. Most of the products are on stock.

5.3. Microscope-online webshop reserves the right to refuse any order or to execute a partial delivery. Microscope-online will inform the Customer. All non-delivered products will always be reimbursement.

5.4. If a delivery address is not correct, Microscope-online cannot be held responsible for the return of the products by the shipping agent.  The name of the addressee must always be the same as the name on the mailbox.

5.5. Microscope-online try to hold all products on stock. When a product is not on stock, Microscope-online will inform the Customer and communicate the delivery delay.

5.6. For the shipping of the products, we always use adapted and robust shipping boxes.

6. Rights to withdraw and Return

6.1. According to regulations regarding distance selling and the law abour market practices and consumer protection, the Customer have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract/service without penalty or without specifying a reason.

If the Customer is not satisfied with any product or a service, Customer have purchased from the Microscope-online webshop, the Customer may return the product or cancel the entitlement to services and obtain a refund of the price of the returned product or service entitlement (with the exception of the transport costs), if the Customer contact Microscope-online within 14 calendar days after the delivery of the product(s) or entering into the contract for the purchase of service(s) and if the Customer return the product(s) clean, with all accessories (unless informed otherwise), without any damage to the product and in his original packaging within 14 calendar days.

Customer is not allowed to return a product under article 6.1 and claim a refund if:

- the product was sold as part of a sold-out action
- the product was manufactured according custom specifications for the Customer or personalized
- the product - due to their specifications - cannot be returned and sold again
- the product is a consumable, a spare bulb for illuminations, fuse, microscope slides, cover glasses, microtome knives, batteries
- the product is software which was supplied sealed and unused and the seal has been broken or which the Customer have successfully downloaded

The right to withdraw product is not applicable for products sold to non-private customers or purchased by private customers but used for professional applications.

6.2.   Procedure to follow in order to claim a refund under the Right of withdraw as specified in article 6.1:

The customer must inform beforehand Microscope-online by email or by post in order to make arrangements for the return. The customer will be provided a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number and a return address. The RMA number and delivery address must be clearly indicated on the box. The transport costs will be prepaid by the Customer. All shipments sent under ‘paid by addressee’ or ‘against payment’ will be refused.

6.3. Microscope-online reserves the right to reject returned products or to execute a partial refund if:

- a product is damaged by the Customer

- a product was improperly packaged in his original packaging

- a product has been already used

All rejected products by Mircroscope-online stay property of the Customer and is available to the Customer

6.4. When all conditions for the right of withdraw is fulfilled, Microscope-online will refund all amounts paid to the Customer within 30 days with exception of the transport costs. The refund will be done only by wire transfer to a - by the Customer specified - IBAN bank account

7. Warranty

All product sold to private persons (*) and bought for a non-professional usage, carries a 2 year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty does not apply in case of improper use or use contrary to the instructions of the user manual, intentional damage or negligence by the Customer.

The warranty is also not applicable for consumables, spare bulbs for illuminations, fuses, microscope slides, cover glasses, microtome knives, batteries

The repair or any attempt to repair by the Customer or by a non-certified repairman will a
automatically invalidate the warranty.

The invoice sent to the Customer by Microscope-online must be kept by the Customer during the entire warranty period of the product

(*) Products purchased for a non-private usage carries a warranty of the produces/importer and can be more restrictives

8. Liability

8.1. The customer is the only responsible for his product choices.

8.2. Microscope-online cannot be held responsible when a product cannot be delivered
8.3. Microscope-online cannot be held responsible for any damaged to the Customer or third parties caused by the purchase of the products

8.2. Microscope-online cannot be held responsible for a partial or full interruption of his online webshop

9. Complaints

For all kind of complains, the Customer must tale contact with Microscope-online.

10. Copyright

No material may be copied and distributed without the written agreement of Microscope-online

11. Ownership of Site

Microscope-online is a trade mark of:

De Wand straat 19
B-1020  Brussels

Registered under 0882 395 310
VAT number  BE 0882.395.310

12. Disputes and Jurisdiction

Disputes concerning the validity, interpretation or execution of these Terms and Conditions are exclusively the competence of the Brussels court. These general Terms and Conditions are subject to the Belgian legislation and regulations.