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CMOS USB-2 CMEX cameras

The Euromex CMEX cameras together with the ImageFocus © analysis software offers the perfect soluction to modern microscopy in secondary and high schools, universities, industry, life sciences and the passionated amateur. The CMEX cameras can be used with biological, metallurgical and stereo microscopes

The cameras are equipped with very sensitive devices for bright and dark field applications as well for phase contrast and with coaxial illumination

The objective of these user-friendly cameras fits on a standard 23.2 mm trinocular or binocular microscope tube

Deilvered with USB-2 cable. To be used with the - free to download - ImageFocus© software

The camera comes standard with a 30 mm and 30.5 mm adapter for stereo microscopes and a calibration plate 1 mm / 100 divisions (10 ùm per division)