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PB.5212 - Euroslides for Education no 2

25 slides of human Histology, Zoology and Botany

All microscope slides delivered in a plastic box for 25 slides

Used abbreviations:

c.s = cross section
l.s. = longitudinal section
w.m. = whole mount


SH.1001 Loose connective tissue, rabbit
SH.1005 Hyaline cartilage rabbit, section
SH.1160 Lymph node, rabbit, section

SH.1230 Small intestine, dog, c.s.
SH.1250 Liver, pig, section
SH.1430 Cerebrum section, dog


SZ.1520 Paramecium, w.m.
SZ.1625 Schistosoma Japonicum, fluke eggs, bilharziose
SZ.1630 Taenia, tapeworm pig, mature proglottid, w.m.

SZ.1635 Ascaris megalocephala, horse roundworm, female + male, c.s.
SZ.1708 Apis mellifica, honey bee, mouth parts
SZ.1725 Periplaneta, cockroach, mouth parts of chewing type

SZ.1730 Pieres brassicae, cabbage-white butterfly, mouth, w.m
SZ.1750 Periplaneta, cockroach, spiracle of insect, w.m.


SB.2095 Monocot/dicot stem, zea mays/pumpkin, c.s.
SB.2105 Hibiscus, young stem, c.s.
Cucurbita, pumpkin, stem, l.s.

SB.2115 Sambucus, elderberry or Morus Alba, mulberry, stem with cork cambium + lenticels, c.s.

SB.2160 Lilium, lily leaf, c.s.
SB.2225 Zea mays, corn, corn seed with embryo, l.s.
SB.2235 Pirus, pear, stone cells, section

SB.2240 Triticum aestivum, wheat, kernel, l.s.
SB.2305 Cyrtomium, holly fern, c.s. of rhizom
SB.2310 Cyrtomium, holly fern, section

SB.2386 Oscillatoria, blue-green algae

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