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PB.5213 - Euroslides for Education no 3

25 slides of human Histology, Zoology and Botany

All microscope slides delivered in a plastic box for 25 slides

Used abbreviations:

c.s = cross section
l.s. = longitudinal section
w.m. = whole mount


SH.1006 Elastic cartilage, rabbit
SH.1040 Smooth muscle, teased preparation, rabbit, l.s.+c.s.
SH.1110 Lung with injected blood vessels, rabbit, c.s.

SH.1130 Artery and vein, rabbit, c.s.
SH.1410 Nerve, rabbit, c.s. and l.s


SZ.1535 Euglena virides, a flagellate with eyespot
SZ.1586 Hydra, w.m. of tentacles
SZ.1620 Schistosoma Japonicum, female, w.m.

SZ.1705 Apis mellifica, honey bee, posterior leg, w.m.
SZ.1733 Pieres brassicae, cabbage-white butterfly, part of wing
SZ.1738 Locusta, grasshopper, mouth parts, w.m.

SZ.1780 Insects - four types of legs, honey bee, house fly, house mosquito, spider
SZ.1877 Rana sp, frog, blood smea


SB.2011 Zea mays, corn root tip with hairs, l.s.
SB.2020 Helianthus, sunflower, old root, c.s.
SB.2025 Monocot/dicot plant roots, zea mays/helantius, c.s.

SB.2040 Solanum tuberosum, potato, starch grains
SB.2075 Tilia, lime tree, one year stem, c.s.
SB.2091 Ceratophyllum Demersum, hornwort, leave with air  stomas, c.s.

SB.2100 Pelargonium hortorum, geranium, stem c.s.
SB.2337 Mnium, antheridial branch, l.s.
SB.2339 Mnium, archegonial branch, l.s.

SB.2373 Coprinus, ink caps mushroom, section of pleus
SB.2380 Spirogyra sp. in conjugation
SB.2420 3 Types of bacteria, cocci, bacilli, spirelli


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