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PB.5215 - Euroslides for Education no 5

25 slides of human Histology, Zoology and Botany

All microscope slides delivered in a plastic box for 25 slides

Used abbreviations:

c.s = cross section
l.s. = longitudinal section
w.m. = whole mount


SH.1043 Cardiac muscle, dog, l.s.
SH.1070 Squamous epithelium, human, isolated cells from mouth, smear
SH.1315 Kidney rat, sec. cortex & medulla

SH.1420 Cerebellum section, dog
SH.1450 Spinal cord, rabbit, c.s.
SH.1470 Taste buds, rabbit, l.s.


SZ.1610 Planaria, flat worm, injected intestinal tube, w.m.
SZ.1636 Ascaris megalocephala, horse roundworm, mitosis eggs
SZ.1760 Ctenocephalus canis, dog flea, w.m.

SZ.1770 Tetranychus, red spider mite, w.m.
SZ.1930 Bird, wing and down feather, section
SZ.1940 Chicken, embryo 48 hours, sagittal section


SB.2090 Hydrilla verticillata, hydrilla stem tip, l.s.
SB.2112 Cucurbita, pumpkin, stem, c.s.
SB.2135 Nerium oleander, leaf with sunken stomata, c.s.

SB.2210 Lilium, lily, anther with mature pollen, c.s.
SB.2214 Lilium, lily, pollen, different stages of meiosis
SB.2220 Capsella, shepherds' purse, ovary w. embryo in pre-cotyledon stadium, l.s.

SB.2222 Capsella, shepherds' purse, ovary w. embryo in cotyledon stadium, l.s.

SB.2234 Pinus, pine tree, pollen, w.m.
SB.2330 Marchantia, liverworts, thallus with gemma cup, c.s.
SB.2360 Saccaromyces sp., yeast, budding, w.m.

SB.2365 Penicillium sp., w.m.
SB.2410 Streptococus lactis, milk bacteria, smear

SB.2415 Bacillus subtilis, hay bacteria, smear

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