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PB.5221 - Euroslides for Education - Serie I

23 slides of human and mammal histology

All microscope slides delivered in a plastic box for 25 slides

Used abbreviations:

c.s = cross section
l.s. = longitudinal section
w.m. = whole mount

\"\"Ephitelium and connective tissues

SH.1001 Loose connective tissue, rabbit
SH.1005 Hyaline cartilage rabbit, section
SH.1011 Hard bone grinding, human, section

SH.1049 Muscle types, striated, smooth, heart muscle, dog, l.s.
SH.1060 Tendon, dog, l.s.
SH.1070 Squamous epithelium, human, isolated cells from mouth, smear

SH.1072 Skin section through hair follicle, human
SH.1078 Stratified flat epithelium, dog, section

\"\"Respiratory, blood circulation and endocrine system

SH.1120 Trachea rabbit, c.s.
SH.1130 Artery and vein, rabbit, c.s.
SH.1150 Blood smear human, Giemsa stained

\"\"Digestive system

SH.1210 Stomach wall, dog, section.
SH.1230 Small intestine, dog, c.s.
SH.1250 Liver, pig, section

\"\"Urinary and genital system

SH.1310 Injected kidney rabbit, sec.
SH.1330 Testis rabbit, c.s.
SH.1340 Ovary rabbit with developed eggs

SH.1376 Human chromosomes in blood, female

\"\"Nervous system and sensory organs

SH.1410 Nerve, rabbit, c.s. and l.s.
SH.1430 Cerebrum section, dog
SH.1450 Spinal cord, rabbit, c.s.

SH.1470 Taste buds, rabbit, l.s.
SH.1490 Retina, rabbit, sec.


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