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Euroslides for Botany

Histology of Angiospermae and Gymnospermae

This serie is divided as follows:

 \"\" Roots
 \"\" Stems
 \"\" Leaves
 \"\" Flowers, fruits and seeds

and gymnospermae plants:

 \"\" Liverworts and mosses
 \"\" Fungi
 \"\" Algae

 \"\" Bacteria

Used abbreviations:

c.s = cross section
l.s. = longitudinal section
w.m. = whole mount

Minimum purchase quantity is 10 pieces of the same slide. With each purchase a plastic box PB.5181 for 25 slides or PB.5186 for 100 slides must be ordered


SB.2006 Allium cepa, onion, scale epidermis, w.m.
SB.2009 Allium cepa, onion, mitosis root tip, l.s.  
SB.2015 Ranunculus, buttercup, root, c.s.  

SB.2020 Helianthus, sunflower, old root, c.s.
SB.2025 Monocot/dicot plant roots, zea mays/helantius, c.s.    
SB.2040 Solanum tuberosum, potato, starch grains


SB.2055 Zea mays, corn, stem, c.s. 
SB.2060 Triticum aestivum, wheat, stem, c.s.
SB.2070 Helianthus, sunflower, young stem, c.s.  

SB.2076 Tilia, lime tree, 1, 2 and 3 year stems on one slide, c.s. 
SB.2095 Monocot/dicot stem, corn/pumpkin, c.s. 
SB.2100 Pelargonium hortorum, geranium, stem, c.s.

SB.2105 Hibiscus, young stem, c.s.  
SB.2115 Sambucus, elderberry or Morus Alba, mulberry, stem with crok cambium and lenticels, c.s. 


SB.2130 Helianthus, sunflower, leaf, c.s. 
SB.2135 Nerium oleander, leaf with sunken stomata, c.s.  

SB.2140 Triticum, wheat, leaf, c.s. 
SB.2150 Monocot/dicot leaves, zea mays/ligustrum lucidum, c.s.   
SB.2160 Lilium, lily leaf, c.s. 

\"\"Flowers, fruits and seeds

SB.2205 Monocot/dicot flower, zea mays/ranunculus, c.s.
SB.2210 Lilium, lily, anther with mature pollen, c.s.   
SB.2212 Lilium, lily, overy, c.s.   

SB.2214 Lilium, lily, pollen, different stages of meiosis 
SB.2220 Capsella, shepherds' purse, ovary w. embryo in pre-cotyledon stadium, l.s.  
SB.2222 Capsella, sheperd's purse, ovary w. embryo in cotyledon statium, l.s.    

SB.2225 Zea mays, corn seed with embryo, l.s.
SB.2232 Pinus, pine tree, female (cone) globose fruit, l.s.    
SB.2240 Triticum aestivum, wheat, kernel, l.s. 

\"\"Liverworts and mosses

SB.2315 Cyrtomium, holly fern, prothallium with young sporophyt, w.m.  
SB.2337 Mnium, antheridial branch, l.s.  
SB.2339 Mnium, archegonial branch, l.s.  

SB.2360 Saccaromyces sp., yeast, budding, w.m.
SB.2365 Penicillium sp., w.m.  
SB.2373 Coprinus, ink caps mushroom, section of pileus  
SB.2374 Aspergillus, brown mold, w.m.  


SB.2377 Diatoms, w.m.
SB.2380 Spirogyra sp. in conjugation
SB.2384 Volvox sp., w.m.


SB.2420 3 types of bacteria, cocci, bacilli, spirelli