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Euroslides for Histology

Histology of Humans and Mammels

This serie is divided as follows:

 \"\" Ephitelium and connective tissues
 \"\" Respiratory, blood circulation and endocrine system
 \"\" Digestive system
 \"\" Urinary and genital system
 \"\" Nervous system and sensory organs

Used abbreviations:

c.s = cross section
l.s. = longitudinal section
w.m. = whole mount

Minimum purchase quantity is 10 pieces of the same slide. With each purchase a plastic box PB.5181 for 25 slides or PB.5186 for 100 slides must be ordered

\"\"Ephitelium and connective tissues

SH.1001 (A) Loose connective tissue, rabbit
SH.1005 (A) Hyaline cartilage rabbit, section
SH.1006 (A) Elastic cartilage, rabbit

SH.1011 (B) Hard bone grinding, human, section
SH.1012 (B) Hard bone grinding of rabbit, tooth, decalcium
SH.1040 (A) Smooth muscle, teased preparation, rabbit, l.s. and c.s. 

SH.1045 (B) Skeletal muscle, dog, l.s. and c.s.  
SH.1049 (B) Muscle types, striated, smooth, heart muscle, dog, l.s.    

SH.1060 (A) Tendon dog, l.s.

SH.1072 (B) Skin section through hair follicle, human 
SH.1078 (A) Stratified flat epithelium, dog, section
SH.1080 (A) Ciliated epithelium, trachea, rabbit

\"\"Respiratory, blood circulation and endocrine system

SH.1110 (A) Lung with injected blood vessels, rabbit, c.s. 
SH.1120 (A) Trachea rabbit, c.s.
SH.1130 (A) Artery and vein, rabbit, c.s. 

SH.1140 (A) Pancreas, rabbit, section
SH.1150 (A) Blood smear human, Giemsa stained 
SH.1160 (A) Lymph node, rabbit, section

\"\"Digestive system

SH.1220 (A) Oesophagus dog, c.s.
SH.1230 (A) Small intestine, dog, c.s.  
SH.1250 (A) Liver pig, section

\"\"Urinary and genital system

SH.1310 (A) Injected kidney rabbit, section
SH.1330 (A) Testis rabbit, c.s.
SH.1340 (A) Ovary rabbit with developed eggs

SH.1360 (A) Sperm human, smear

\"\"Nervous system and sensory organs

SH.1410 (A) Nerve rabbit, c.s. and l.s.  
SH.1415 (B) Motor nerve cells with end plates, rabbit, w.m.      

SH.1420 (A) Cerebellum section, dog
SH.1450 (A) Spinal cord, rabbit, c.s.  
SH.1470 (A) Taste buds, rabbit, l.s.   

SH.1490 (B) Retina rabbit, section