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Euroslides for Zoology

Histology of Humans and Mammels

This serie is divided as follows:

 \"\" Protozoa
 \"\" Coelenterata
 \"\" Helminthes
 \"\" Crustaceae
 \"\" Insecta
 \"\" Amphibia

Used abbreviations:

c.s = cross section
l.s. = longitudinal section
w.m. = whole mount

Minimum purchase quantity is 10 pieces of the same slide. With each purchase a plastic box PB.5181 for 25 slides or PB.5186 for 100 slides must be ordered


(B) Amoeba proteus, w.m. 
SZ.1520 (A) Paramecium, w.m.  
SZ.1522 (A) Paramecium in conjugation w.m. 

SZ.1535 (A) Euglena virides, a flagellate with eyespot 
SZ.1540 (A) Trachelomonas, a free swimming type euglena   


SZ.1580 (B) Hydra with bud, w.m.   

SZ.1630 (B) Taenia, tapeworm pig, mature proglottid, w.m. 
SZ.1635 (A) Ascaris megalocephala, horse roundworm, female + male c.s.    

SZ.1636 (B) Ascaris megalocephala, horse roundworm, mitosis eggs 
SZ.1640 (A) Lumbricus, earthworm, c.s.  


SZ.1655 (A) Daphnia sp., water flea, w.m. 

SZ.1705 (A) Apis mellifica, honey bee, posterior leg, w.m.
SZ.1708 (A) Apis mellifica, honey bee, mouth parts
SZ.1710 (A) Apis mellifica, honey bee compound eye, c.s. 

SZ.1719 (A) Musca domestica, house fly, wing, w.m. 
SZ.1720 (A) Culex pipiens, house mosquito, larva, w.m.  
SZ.1722 (A) Culex pipiens, house modquito, female, mouth parts 

SZ.1724 (B) Drosophila, fruit fly, giant chromosomes of salivary gland, w.m. 

SZ.1730 (A) Pieres brassicae, cabbage-white butterfly, mouth, w.m.   
SZ.1733 (A) Pieres brassicae, cabbage-white butterfly, part of wing 

SZ.1738 (B) Locusta, grasshopper, mouth parts, w.m. 
SZ.1760 (B) Ctenocephalus canis, dog flea, w.m.  
SZ.1780 (B) Insects- four types of legs, honey bee, house fly, house modquito, spider 

Amphibiën (Amphibia)

SZ.1877 (A) Rana sp, frog, blood smear
SZ.1880 (A) Frog uncleaved egg, c.s.  
SZ.1881 (B) Frog egg, two cells stadium, c.s. 

SZ.1883 (B) Frog egg, advanced cleavage c.s.   
SZ.1885 (B) Frog egg, blastula phase, c.s.
SZ.1887 (B) Frog egg, early gastrula phase, c.s. 

SZ.1889 (B) Frog egg, advanced gastrula phase, c.s.