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Microscopes are essential instruments for the scientific and technical world. Since 1966 Euromex is a valued supplier of high quality microscopes

For biology and bio-sciences biological microscopes are used to observe animal and botanical micro-organisms, cells and tissues with translucent light (diascopic) or incident light (epi-illumination) with magnifcations from 20x up to 1000x. These types of microscopes can be monocular, binocular or trinocular. One can make a choice between brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, polarisation and fluorescence versions

A stereo microscope or dissecting microscope is an optical microscope with a fixed or adjustable zoom objective and is designed for low magnification observation or a sample using incident light illumination.
This microscopes consists out of two separated optical systems which provides one image for each eye and the human brain combines these two to one single image with some level of contrast. The stereo microscope is often used to study the surfaces of solid specimens or to carry out close work such as sorting, dissection, watch-making, small circuit board manufacture or inspection etc

The materials microscope is nearly  identical to the biological microscopes but have a few differences like specific objectives, both incident and translucent illumination, polarisation and copensation filters to examine materials (metal, plastics, minerals, asbestos, glass, wood, chemicals). There are specific metallurgic and polarisation microscopes but also microscopes specially designed for asbestos research