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Fluorescence microscopes

For biological and medical research fluorescence micrscopes are used to visulaize certain parts of living cells and tissues with help of fluorphores

One or more fluophores are added to the specimen which needs to be researched and attach to certain tissue parts like proteins. When exposed to short-wavelength light (exicitation light) fluorphores light up (emission light). With this one can distinguish for example tumor cells from other cells, seperate cells, prove the presence or absence of antibodies, etc

The Euromex fluorescence microscope is constructed with an incedent mercury vapor light source, special Plan Fluarex - optional semi-apochromatic - objectives, a set of excitation and emission filters and a semi-transparant mirror

The upright models have a modern 3 Watt LED transmitted light source and a 100 W incident mercury vapor illuminator. The inverted models have a 100 W transmitted mercury vapor illuminator and a 30 W halogen incident light source.