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Stereo microscopes

A stereo microscope or dissecting microscope is an optical microscope with a fixed or adjustable zoom objective and is designed for observation of samples at relative low magnifications from 2.5 to 90 times (max. 300 times). This microscopes consists out of two separated optical systems providing a image for each eye. The human brain combines these two images to one single image with some depth of focus

The stereo microscope is oftenly used to study the surfaces of solid specimens or to carry out close work such as sorting, dissection, watch-making, small circuit board manufacture or inspection etc

Euromex DZ series

Zoom stereomicroscopes for the higher segment with large magnification range
Euromex Z series

Excellent stereomicroscopes for professionals. Choice from one of 8 different zoom stereo objectives and different available stands
Euromex NexiusZoom

Zoom stereo microscopes for industry, science and eduction with ergonomic stand and LED illumination. Outstanding price/quality ratio
Euromex StereoBlue

The Euromex StereoBlue stereo microscopes are available in Dual 1x/3x, 2x/4x and Zoom 0.7x to 4.5x magnification versions. For education, the amateur and suitable for many routine applications in the industry
Euromex EduBlue

EduBlue stereo microscopes for educational applications with Dual 1x/2, 2x/4x or Triple 1x/2x/3x, 1x/2x/4x fixed magnification objectives and diascopic and incident LED illumination
Novex P series

Stereomicroscopes for educational applications with 360° orientable stereo head, LED or halogen illuminations
Novex AP series

Small stereomicroscopes for industry and educational applications with LED or halogen illuminations
Euromex BE series

The microscopes of the BE series are specifically developed for professional users who require high resolving powers. Jewelers and watchmakers are frequent users of these stereomicroscopes
Novex Macroscoop MA

The Novex Macroscoop MA is a solid small microscope without illumination and with 20x fixed magnification for basic education and for small children. This microscope is ideal for nature classes and initiation to the biology