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Euromex D series

The diffracted-limited resolving power and the extended magnification range - up to 300 times - of this advanced optical system makes this top microscope very suitable for quality control and research applications of industrial high-tech and daily bioscience applications

The stereo microscope is configured by adding to the central D Zoom body (DE.1400) one or more components below in order to match your application:

  • Ultra Wide Field eyepieces UWF 10x/24, 15x/17 of 20x/12
  • Binocular ergonomical 10-50° or fix 45° stereohead
  • Common Plan 0.5x / 0.75x / 1x / 1.5x / 2x objectifs with working distances from 164 to 29 mm
  • Different stands with or without a 30 watt halogen for diascopic illumination in bright field mode
  • Stand with 100 watt halogen cold light source for bright and dark field mode
  • 30 watt halogen episcopic illumination
  • Foto-Video tube
  • Attachable mechanical stages with of without fine coarse 
  • Specific round table for polarisation
  • 100 or 150 watt cold light sources and professional LED ring illuminations( White, Red, UV or IR)