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Discover the new world of handheld digital microscopy

The Q-scope product range of digital microscopes offer the best solution for a broad range of applications like industrial quality control, medical & life sciences, forensics, science & education, art restoration and many other fields

Get connected through USB to your Windows or Mac computer to observe and analyse your captured or live images with our powerful user-friendly (free of charge) software for advanced image processing. The WiFi models can easily be connected to tablet computers. The Q-scope series consists out of models with numerous magnification ranges and a variety of image sensors Q-scope has been designed in such way that it fits perfectly in your hand. This allows a relaxed grip, which makes the usage of the Q-scope handheld microscope very easy and effortless. Ease of use is crucial, this is why the Q-scope digital microscope only needs one finger to focus, grab a picture and select illumination settings